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General Information - FAQ
General Information
In this thread we will provide every information needed regarding the server, for server rules please check out Server Rules (english) or Server Regeln (deutsch).
On Tanoa you can find nearly any huge weapon in big cities by default and everyone is wearing a ghillie suit.
We wanted to create an unique atmosphere, so we adjusted the lootable. Ghillies and tier1 weapons are very rare to find on your loot-tour resulting in some work to get your stuff together and loosing it is more painful.
But dont worry! There are still some options to get this stuff very fast.

New players will spawn with 10.000 poptabs and 1.000 respect.

Spawnzones are located in smaller cities because people are most likely to loot in the bigger ones. If you win a PvP battle it is very annoying that your opponent is able to respawn almost on top of you, so we hope this issue is fixed.

Players spawn with one "Ducttape" usable to craft either a Bike, Quad or Jetski located in your XM8.
There's a great chance you will spawn with a bottle of water and an empty can. Sometimes you will get an empty bottle or even a can of food.

Territories and Families

Creating a family costs 25.000 poptabs.

Only one territory per player is allowed.
The level 1 flag costs 15.000 poptabs.
We have 7 base-level in total and everytime upgrading it, the costs will double.
So everyone is able to build a base quite fast and easily, but to reach the maximum base-level 7 it will take some time and a big amount of poptabs.

The costs to maintain your base are 10 poptabs per part.
For example if you have 80 parts in your
base you will have to pay 800 poptabs.

Klick the spoiler to see all base-level in detail.

Level 1
Price: 15000
Radius: 15
Objects: 30
Garage: 5

Level 2
Price: 30000
Radius: 30
Objects: 60
Garage: 8

Level 3
Price: 60000
Radius: 45
Objects: 90
Garage: 11

Level 4
Price: 120000
Radius: 90
Objects: 120
Garage: 14

Level 5
Price: 240000
Radius: 100
Objects: 180
Garage: 17

Level 6
Price: 480000
Radius: 140
Objects: 260
Garage: 20

Level 7
Price: 1000000
Radius: 180
Objects: 340
Garage: 23

Ai Missions (DMS)

We have nearly customized all ai missions running on the server to fit our needs. There are two extra forum threads including all information we are able to give. You should definitively check them out!

[DMS] Static Missions
[DMS] Dynamic Missions

Armed Vehicles

We decided to implement armed vehicles and also some tanks to our exile server!
Many people might think they are way too overpowered. So we decided
to adjusted them. Of course it is not easy to afford them, so you have to put some work in it.
First of all you need a high respect level and a ton of poptabs to buy armed vehicles.
Almost every purchasable armed vehicle will spawn without ammo. In that regard you have to rearm them.

In order to rearm your vehicle you have to spend poptabs on each magazine. The only way to buy this stuff is at the "Vehicle ammo" crates located in every trader city next to a vehicle trader.
So if you have the cashflow and you feel to spend half a million on a tank, you can do so and buy a fucking tank!
To keep it in balance, we added rocketlaunchers and rockets to the specops trader.

Lifting and Towing

We have different options to combine vehicles on the server, for example you can tow a car behind another car using a rope.
With Igiload you can load AI Crates or small cars onto Offroad`s or Trucks. With a helicopter you will be able to lift Cars, boats and even AI Crates, depending on the mass your chopper is able to lift.

For a list of possibilities with Igiload check this Thread.


Your mate dropped you on a high tower but forgot to take you off?
No problem, the rappelling mod allows you to "rope" yourself down.

Apoc`s Airdrop

If you have enough poptabs in your wallet you can purchase an airdop in your XM8.
Until now there are some different airdrops such as food-packages, base building stuff or weapons.

Claim Vehicle

If you find an abandoned vehicle you can claim it as your own. To do so you have to get in the driver seat first,
than use the scrollmenu to select "Claim Ownership", but there is a codelock required to claim a vehicle.
Thanks to Zefort for his suggestion.


Here you can see the different respect level on the server.
The higher your respect level is, the more stuff you are able to buy from the traders.
The respect level will increase if you kill some bots at the AI missions or some players.
As opposed to this if you kill a so called "bambi" or a teammate you will loose a big amount of your respect, so be careful and watch out!

Level2 - 5000
Level3 - 12500
Level4 - 20000
Level5 - 35000
Level6 - 50000

- Dying for an unknown reason costs you 1% respect
- Crashing your car costs you 1% respect
- Comitting suicide costs you 2% of your respect
- Friendly fire costs you 3%
- Being killed by an NPC costs you 1%
- Killing a bambi costs you 5%
- Killing someone will get you 5% and remove 5% from the victim


80 domination - Keeps killing the same guy
150 letItRain - MG, also vehicle MGs
300 humiliation - Axe
400 passenger - Out of car/chopper/boat
200 roadKill
600 bigBird - Roadkill, but with chopper/plane

10 per100mDistance - Bonus per full 100m
100 firstBlood - First blood after server restart
20 homie - If you kill someone while you are in your own territory
20 raid - If you kill someone who is in his own territory

Example with killstreak = 50
Frag Factor Bonus
2 * 50 +100
3 * 50 +150
4 * 50 +200
5 * 50 +250

Make sure to check out for our raffles. The prizes vary from a gift of poptabs to an increase of your respect.
You can earn 5.000 respect if you create a Topic in the Feedback section telling us your own oppinion about the server.
But you have to let us know that you want your reward! Just write something like:

"hey btw, please reward me with that 5.000 respect, bro!"

If you give us feedback it will help us to improove the server and to create the unique and awesome atmosphere we are hoping to archieve. It's also a good way to give you, the players, a small gift and to say thank you for your time. :)

JSRS4 APEX - Soundmod

We enabled the optional sound modification JSRS4 APEX. You can find and download it at right here from
This mod is optional. You dont need it to play on the server.

greetings Gr33n
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