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17:45 - 03.01.2017
Tool "Exile_Item_Screwdriver" does not exist ! Please add it and spawn in the world, or the sale of the merchant. Without this tool, it is impossible to create a "class CraftWireFenceKit".

For this enough to uncomment line #5509 in the file "..\\mpmissions\Exile.Tanoa.pbo\config.cpp"

Like this:
class Tools
name = "Tools";
icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa";
items[] =
skip some items .........

Else unchanged ..........
Cool guy
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19:04 - 03.01.2017
thank you for mentioning this.
Since the Screwdriver is not required for anything else so far
I'll just remove it from the crafting recipe so you won't need it.
As we implement new or change old crafting recipes I gonna add
it to the trader and loot spawn as well.
Will update the Server later this evening.

Oh yeah and keep in mind, sometimes crafting the fence is buggy
and just disappears.
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21:50 - 03.01.2017
--- Oh yeah and keep in mind, sometimes crafting the fence is buggy and just disappears.

Fence buggy if installed on top of another object (such as a wooden floor). However, a fence mounted on the ground surface has no problems. More often buggy "Exile_Item_RazorWireKit_Long", rather than "Exile_Item_WireFenceKit". When I raised my clan server problems have been with "Exile_Item_RazorWireKit_Long" almost always. After many experiments, we found that it was impossible to establish on the rocks and a cliff.

The fact is that when the map of the world starts first rendered the land topography, then the objects lying on the ground (stones, rocks), then - buildings and trees, and only then appear objects created by the players and the cars or helicopters. Moreover, these objects are read from the database in random order.
Moreover, these objects are created by players are read from the database in random order. For example, if the server to restart, your helicopter was located on top of the landing area, then after the restart the helicopter may have time at first appears to fall to the ground, and then on top of the burning wreckage to render landing pad.
This problem affects some other user-defined objects, built on top of other user-defined objects. It is not known in what order MySQL returns rows from the tables to the game engine.
By the way, Micro$oft SQL Server does this quite correctly, and objects do not break and do not disappear. That is strange. :)

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